Floor Care pH Neutralizer & Conditioner

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pH-ENOMENAL™ uses a mild organic acid blend to help neutralize alkalinity and provide the proper base for floor finish application and long term maintenance.


During the winter months, students collect ice melt residue on their shoes en route to school, to quickly deposit them on your freshly maintained floors. pH-ENOMENAL™ removes those deposits and balances the pH level of your floors.
Retail locations rely on foot traffic, and during the winter months, that foot traffic tracks in ice melt residue from sidewalks and parking lots. pH-ENOMENAL™ removes those deposits and balances the pH levels of your floors.
Floors in a heavy industry setting take enough punishment on a routine basis. Winter months present an added element with the amount of ice melt compound that gets tracked in by workers and equipment. Stay one step ahead of the winter punishment with pH-ENOMENAL™ to balance out the pH level of the floors to keep production rolling along.
When alkaline or ice melt compound residue leave municipal floors in less than optimal condition, pH-ENOMENAL™ restores the balance and keeps the facilities moving.
Ice melt compounds, tracked in by employees, visitors, customers, and guests can negatively impact the floor maintenance your staff has already performed. Protect your company’s investment in time, labor, and materials by using pH-ENOMENAL™ to balance a floor’s pH level and preserve the existing coating.

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  • Highly Concentrated / Maximum cost effectiveness
  • Removes alkaline residue deposits / Insures top floor finish appearance
  • Winter Rinse effective / Eliminates potentially harmful salt residue