No-Rinse / No-Scrub Liquifying Stripper

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A unique water-based concrete cleaner that removes rubber burn tire marks and heavy oils from concrete floors. This high active cleaner is fortified with alkaline builders, sequestrants, metal corrosion inhibitors, solubilizers and various detergents to insure rapid removal of grease and oil from the floors’ surface.

Authorized USDA Product

Industrial facilities use concrete as their main flooring material because of its toughness. These floors need a cleaner formulated to be aggressive enough to get those tough concrete floors clean. CONKLEEN 204’s™ strong, non-flammable formula will rapidly and effectively remove rubber tire marks and heavy grease , leaving behind a clean and safe flooring surface.

Meets USDA Requirements Class A4
/ May be used in federally inspected meat, dairy, egg and poultry processing plants
Removes rubber burn marks / Replaces flammable solvent products for this application
Contains water soluble solvents / Allows efficient removal of petroleum oils, grease and rubber tile burns
Strong alkali buffered system / Added strength for removal of heavy food generated grease and oils but buffered for added safety and equipment compatibility
Controlled foam / Excellent for use with automatic scrubbers and wet-vacuum systems