One Coat 25

Super High Gloss Floor Finish

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A high gloss — high solids pure thermoplastic floor finish which is extremely durable and can be maintained with conventional or high speed floor care systems. This pure acrylic floor finish is produced in high pressure reactors using proprietary molecularly engineered polymers, the finest high pressure micronized wax emulsion, preservatives, leveling aids, interacted plasticizers and deionized water to offer a premium grade floor finish.

Authorized UL Product

Code: 0510


  • High solids formula / Offers labor and material savings by limiting the number of wear coats which must be applied
  • Pure thermoplastic polymers / Responsive to high speed burnishing
  • May be used with conventional or high speed floor maintenance systems / Allows versatility and reduced inventory levels of additional products
  • Very hard wear surface / Extremely scratch and scuff resistant
  • Designed for ease of application / May be applied by any personnel without extensive training