Grease attacking/Anti-slip Deodorizing Bio-Cleaner

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SHA-ZYME™ is no-rinse daily cleaner and degreaser for use on porous hard surfaces such as concrete, quarry tile, ceramic tile, brick, any grouted floor surface and vinyl tile. Especially in kitchens and food preparation areas, SHA-ZYME™ with deep cleaning action removes grease and grime below the surface to make quarry tile floors (and grout) more slip resistant. Dissolves organic waste on floors leaving a more sanitary condition.

Specialized SMB (Synergized Multi-Blend) biologically engineered bacteria / enzyme combination continues working to consume grease, grime, urine deposits, organically deodorize and brighten floor surfaces. SHA-ZYME™ is recommended for use in food service areas, food preparation areas, restrooms and showers in schools, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes,

Authorized UL Product


Hardly any surface takes more punishment than a school restroom, but they’re no match for bio-enzymatic SHA-ZYME™.
Clean the shower room floors and improve patient safety with increased slip resistance.
A primary component of any retail location’s restroom cleaning procedures. The bio-enzymatic formula dissolves urine deposits and trapped-down grease to leave restroom floors clean with improved slip resistance. Neutral formula allows SHA-ZYME™ to be used on other hard surfaces, not just restroom floors.
Powerful bio-cleaner to cut through grease, grime, urine deposits, and bio films on public restroom floors, commercial kitchens, shower facilities, lobby entranceways, general office settings, and many more of the surfaces that public maintenance crews encounter on a daily basis.
From restrooms to commercial kitchens to lobby entranceways to general office settings, your cleaning staff needs a product as versatile as they are with the power to cut through grease and grime while deodorizing.
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  • Unique non-acid formula eliminates grease, grime, urine deposits, light mineral deposits.
  • Improves slip resistance by removing deep down,trapped grease and grime.
  • Will not build-up, yellow or become sticky / No rinsing required
  • Deodorizes as it cleans / Pleasant fresh fragrance.
  • Environmentally responsible / Non-flammable, biodegradable formulation contains no NPE’s, no phosphates, no acids, no caustics and no solvents.
  • Synergized multi-blend (SMB) high active bacteria count produces grease eliminating enzymes, consuming grease and organic materials until they are gone.
  • Will not damage floor finish when used at 1:64 dilution.