Multi-Surface Cleaner with H2O2 Super Concentrate

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Earth Sense® represents a breakthrough in cleaning performance while addressing environmental responsibility and worker safety. Earth Sense® Multi-Surface Cleaner with H2 O2 uses the power of hydrogen peroxide, naturally-derived solvents and environmentally preferred detergents to safely yet effectively clean windows, mirrors, tile, grout, carpets, hard surfaces almost any washable surface you can imagine! Using the Earth Sense®™ TWIN POWER™ Modular Dispensing Unit, you enjoy precise dilutions that deliver maximum cleaning power.

Dispense from Flex Lock or Twin Power Modular Chemical Dispensing Systems
Readily biodegradable surfactants emulsify and suspend soils
Peroxide power deodorizes and safely oxidizes as it cleans
One product for a wide variety of cleaning applications
Clean windows, mirrors, tile, grout, carpets, hard surfaces, or almost any other washable surface