Rinse Away Plus

Carpet Rinse/Residue Neutralizer

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A mild organic acid, low foaming rinse that safely neutralizes and removes detergent residue to eliminate problems with browning, yellowing or water spots. RINSE AWAY PLUS™ quickly and safely removes alkaline detergent buildup resulting from bonnet or rotary maintenance programs and prevents future browning caused by alkaline detergent residues. Highly concentrated for economical dilution. Fast drying; safe for all colorfast carpet dyes.

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  • Mild organic acid rinse / Eliminates problems with browning, yellowing or water spots.
  • Removes and neutralizes detergent residue / Carpets get amazingly clean, stay clean longer.
  • Low foaming surfactants / Eliminates recovery tank foam and saves time and labor.
  • Concentrated / Economical in-use-dilution performance