Scrub & Recoat Cleaner

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QWIK-SCRUB™ is a heavy-duty, water-based cleaning concentrate designed for scrub / re-coat maintenance procedures. It is ideal for use in automatic scrubbers equipped with proper floor pad or brush. Using a mild pH range formulation, QWIK-SCRUB™ aggressively removes embedded soils and scuffs in upper layers of finish film, and prepares the surface for re-coating with a minimum of rinsing, saving time and labor.


In between the common floor stripping times of winter breaks and summer vacations, use QWIK-SCRUB™ to periodically deep scrub and prepare the surface for a re-coating.
QWIK-SCRUB™ delays the stripping cycle, cutting down on the floor stripping events which inconvenience staff and patients in 24 hour facilities.
Floor stripping requires areas of a merchandise floor to be closed off to customer traffic during open hours and requires staff to be present if done during off hours. QWIK-SCRUB™ delays those costly stripping events and allows floor techs to apply a fresh coating to keep floors looking great.
When production cycles prohibit a facility from frequent shut-downs for floor stripping, performing a deep scrub and recoat is a quick and efficient alternative.
Prepare surfaces throughout the facility to accept a recoating of finish. Delays the stripping cycle, cutting down on the floor stripping events to maximize manpower production and revenue.
Building Service Contractors know that the ability to delay the stripping portion of the floor care life cycle while also being able to maintain the impressive appearance of the floors in a facility through deep scrubbing and recoating results in satisfied clients.
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  • Mild range pH formulation aggressively removes embedded soils and¬†scuffs
  • Reduced rinsing saves time and labor
  • Use with standard floor machine or with automatic scrubber