Pink Lotion

Coconut Oil Lotion Hand Soap

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A pure coconut oil pink hand soap which is lotionized with a fresh almond fragrance for use in various types of soap dispensers. This viscosity controlled hand soap is manufactured with de-ionized water and sequestering agents to prevent hard water soap precipitation. The product offers copious foam, excellent cleaning properties and softness to the hands.

Authorized USDA Product

Code: 0330


  • Made with pure Coconut Oil / Uses all the natural emollients and humectants of these natural vegetable oils
  • Generates a thick rich lather / Offers the impression of “richness” and quality
  • Maximum mildness to skin / Designed for low irritation even for sensitive skin
  • Viscosity controlled, lotion formula / Thickened formula prevents dispenser leak and helps keep product in users’ hand
  • Colored and fragranced for user appeal / Pastel pink color and fresh subtle fragrance assures maximum user acceptance