Wood Floor Cleaner & Conditioner

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NU-LOOK™ is a neutral range pH formula that cleans and conditions wood floors to restore their natural beauty and luster. NU-LOOK™ uses specially selected, naturally derived ingredients to gently remove soils from the wood surface. Regular use of NU-LOOK™ creates a dirt resistant barrier and makes wood surfaces more resistant to water damage. Regular use of NU-LOOK™ brings out the natural color and beauty of wood floors while it improves slip resistance. NU-LOOK™ is pleasantly scented to deodorize as it cleans!

Code: 0939


  • Neutral range pH formula gently removes dirt
  • Restores natural beauty and luster of wood surfaces
  • Creates dirt resistant barrier
  • Improves resistance to water stains
  • Improves slip resistance of wood floors
  • Deodorizes as it cleans