Frost Free


Cold Room Cleaner

$102.20- Case

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A unique combination of superior neutral detergents, penetrants, corrosion inhibitors, coupling aids and emulsifiers in a concentrated nontoxic antifreeze based cleaning material that resists freezing down to -44°F.

Authorized USDA Product


With the ability to resist freezing in temperatures as low as 44 degrees below zero, Frost Free is the reliable, USDA authorized Class A5 option to clean floors and walls in walk-in freezers, cold storage areas, or other parts of food processing or preparation areas which are susceptible to extremely cold temperatures.
Code: 1430


  • Resist freezing down to -44ºF / Can be used in any type of freezer
  • Neutral Detergent Base / Environmentally Responsible
  • Fast, Efficient cleaning / Costly Shutdowns can be avoided
  • Low Odor Formula / Can be used in low ventilated areas