Rubber Wax and Conditioner

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Use FLEXI-SHEEN™ Rubber Wax and Conditioner to clean, condition and protect and beautify flat rubber and studded rubber floors in one easy step. FLEXI-SHEEN™ should be used as part of a complete maintenance program. An exceptional blend of waxes, detergents, polymers and gloss enhancers. With FLEXI-SHEEN™, the floor surface is cleaned while a water resistant coating remains to improve slip resistance. FLEXI-SHEEN™ is a unique formulation that will not build-up. FLEXI-SHEEN™ may also be used on linoleum, no-wax floors, PVC and concrete surfaces for industrial applications, office buildings, schools and hospitals.

Authorized UL Product

Using FLEXI-SHEEN to clean, protect, and improve slip resistance on weight room floors will be appreciated your school’s athletes.
Protect the rubber surfaces in the physical rehabilitation areas of your healthcare facility, while improving the slip resistance to further protect rehabilitating patients.
With more and more retailers opting for the advantages of rubber flooring surfaces, FLEXI-SHEEN will add attractiveness to the toughness and durability of the rubber floor.
As the popularity of rubber surfaces in industrial facilities grows, so too does the need for an effective maintenance program. FLEXI-SHEEN provides the next level of protection while increasing slip resistance, to decrease working injury likelihood.
As rubber becomes a more popular and viable floor material in many different professional environments, Building Service Contractors must be well equipped to properly maintain these surfaces. FLEXI-SHEEN will add attractiveness to the toughness and durability of the rubber floor.

Protects floor surface
Improves slip resistance
Will not build-up or yellow
May be high-speed buffed to an excellent gloss