Marble Polishing Cream

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RESTORE-IT™ is ready-to-use polishing cream that will re-polish worn marble, travertine, terrazzo, polished limestone. and may also be used to polish concrete after honing. RESTORE-IT™ provides the stone with a natural polish in the same manner the stone is polished at the factory using normal equipment. Water marks, etching from fruit juices and alcohol, as well as minor surface scratches can be removed while restoring a high degree of natural polish. Use RESTORE-IT™ on floors as well as countertops and furniture. Environmentally friendly; will resist “burning”. RESTORE-IT™ allows the natural stone to breathe; it contains no solvents and is VOC compliant.

Authorized UL Product

Code: 2502


  • Black marbles are more sensitive than most other marble surfaces and require more care when re-polishing.
  • Most green marble surfaces and some white marble surfaces will not re-polish using this method.
  • Contact NCL for alternative procedures.
  • Severely worn surfaces may require mechanical resurfacing prior to re-polishing.