Pop & Shine

Gloss Restore Concentrate


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A revolutionary product that renovates floor finish and restores floors to maximum gloss…like magic! Especially selected polishing agents and cleaners help to remove scratches and scuffs from floors while rejuvenating the floor to a brilliant lustre. Saves labor; extends scrub / strip cycles. A must for every high speed / UHS Burnishing Floor Care program!

Authorized UL Product


School hallways that start to show signs of wear and tear will be brought back to life with super concentrated POP & SHINE™, creating an ultra hard wear film that will shine as bright as when finish was first applied.
Restores worn out floors and creates a super hard film to protect the surface. Allows the floors to maintain a clean, sterile, and welcoming atmosphere for patients.
POP & SHINE™ quickly restores floor worn down from the strain of a heavy industry environment and forms an ultra hard wear film to further protect the flooring surface and keep heavy industry facilities running.
From VCT office flooring to concrete floors in wareshouse settings, POP & SHINE™ can be relied upon to provide a hard, durable shell for added protection on a floor, along with rejuvenating the floor’s gloss back to the level from when finish was first applied.
Preserve the strength and durability of a facility’s floors while also producing an amazing gloss that will “wow” your clients
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  • Super concentrated; reduces shipping costs
  • Bright, wet look gloss
  • Ideal for multi speed polishing and burnishing
  • Easy leveling, fast drying for added labor savings