Soil & Floor Finish Build Up Remover

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A highly active revolutionary product for removing heavy soil and floor finish build up from floors, baseboards and walls. Elimination of common volatile chemicals such as ammonia and butyl improves customer appeal. Ideal for areas sensitive to odors. Its gelled formula, in combination with fast acting penetrating solvents, allows maximum performance and labor savings. Caustic free and self neutralizing to provide maximum surface and user safety.

Not available for sale in California.

Code: 2008


  • Odorless / Can be used in confined or enclosed areas
  • Fast acting solubilizers / Cuts project time and labor
  • Concentrated RTU formula / Removes many layers of burnished floor finish in a single application
  • Unique foam gel / Clings to vertical surfaces and eliminates runs
  • Caustic free / Eliminates rinsing and saves labor