All Plastic Surface Rejuvenator & Polish

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NU-HIDE® shines and protects leather, vinyl, rubber, chrome, stainless steel and Formica™. Protects against cracks, hardening, rot or dulling from sun, ozone and smog. NU-HIDE® creates an elegant, smooth, static free wet look surface that resists water, dust, dirt and other soils. Leaves surfaces oil free and resistant to scuffs and fingerprints.

Not for use or sale in California.

Authorized USDA Product

Code: 1330


  • Multiple use / For use on plastics, including Plexiglas™, vinyl, wood laminates, rubber, leather, brass, chrome, stainless steel and most other non-woven materials
  • Shines, restores, and protects surfaces / Imparts a deep luster while protecting against drying, fading, and cracking caused by sun, ozone, and smog
  • Dissipates static charge / Actually retards the attraction of dust and other airborne soils
  • Safe to use / Safe for virtually any non-woven material and to operations personnel
  • Retards fingerprints and re-soiling / Saves time and labor by prolonging times between re-cleaning