Nature’s Solution

Bio- Enzymatic Spotter/Deodorizer

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A unique triple strain bacterial system that produces enzymes which rapidly destroys odors, removes organic stains and liquefies grease. This product provides a natural way for eliminating odors at their source while being environmentally safe. This product incorporates biodegradable surfactants, chelating aids, penetrants, odor counteractants and non-pathogenic, highly active bacteria cultures for superior deodorization, organic spot removal and grease digestion.

Authorized USDA Product


Multi-functional bio-enzymatic powerhouse produces multiple solutions throughout a variety of facilities. Removes organic stains and associated odors in restrooms, locker rooms, and throughout healthcare facilities. Maintains grease traps while also works to maintain and unclog drains. Clean carpet and upholstery and provide complete deodorization throughout a facility. Will also provide your organization the versatility to handle jobs with septic tanks, portable toilets, boats, or RV’s.
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  • Environmentally Safe / Will not harm plants, marine or animal life
  • Multiple Uses / Used for controlling odors, stain removal and liquefying of greases
  • Multiple Strain Bacterial System / Improves performance in Aerobic & Anaerobic conditions and resistant to very hot water
  • Higher concentration of bacteria / Multiplies rapidly and works faster than conventional products
  • Utilizes stabilized natural enzymes / A natural solution to cleaning and deodorizing