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TIGER® Carpet Bonnet

Tiger® is a great carpet bonnet featuring looped end synthetic yarn with non-abrasive pile lifting/cleaning stripes. The yarn is long staple synthetic for long wear and minimal linting. Tiger® is double-sided, washable and available without stripes.


Whether you call it bonnet cleaning, absorbent pad cleaning, carbonated shampoo cleaning or spin pad, this method of adapting hard floor spray buffing to carpets is a viable part of any carpet maintenance program when done correctly.

Cleaning with ETC’s Tiger® carpet bonnet produces several key benefits, including efficient cleaning and rapid drying. This method also evens out the appearance of a carpet between low-traffic and high-traffic areas and pulls out addition soil left behind after extraction.

Price is another important factor when it comes to cleaning. ETC’s Tiger® carpet bonnets are cost-effective because most facilities already have bonnet cleaning equipment on hand, and the speed of cleaning with this method reduces overall carpet maintenance costs. We know that property managers and building owners are always trying to save money, and this low-cost means of maintaining carpet is cost-effective for nearly any facility.

When done correctly, bonnet cleaning can improve the appearance of a carpet, even after extraction, because the carpet bonnets can pick up soils left behind during the initial cleaning process. As carpets dry, soil rises up to the surface and can be picked up by carpet bonnets.

ETC’s Tiger® carpet bonnet cleaning also gives custodial staff greater control over how they clean. Solution may be applied in two different ways: either by immersing the bonnet in water, wringing it out and using it on a low-speed rotary floor machine before pre-spraying the carpet with cleaning solution and running the machine over it; or by applying the cleaning solution directly to the carpet bonnet before attaching it to the machine.

Not all carpet bonnets are created equal, and ETC is proud to offer the most durable and reliable carpet bonnet in the industry today. ETC’s Tiger® carpet bonnet features a looped-end synthetic yarn with non-abrasive pile lifting and cleaning stripes. This double-sided, washable carpet bonnet delivers long wear and minimal linting. A smaller version, the Tiger Paw®, produces the same results but is small enough to use for spot cleaning on carpet and upholstery.